Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Human fur shoulder pads / Black human hair shoulder harness / Wasteland epaulets / Burning man fringe shrug

Join the army of the fabulous fashion freethinkers with this uniquely longhaired shoulder enhancing fringe harness.

It has lots of beautiful real human hair pointing upwards for a really fierce statement.

The fur shrug is attached around the shoulders with ribbons that can be adjusted to just the right size with cord locks.

A leather strip holds it in place on top of the shoulders. The leather strip is adjustable with button studs.

So the standard size will fit most sizes, both male and female. Contact us with measurement if you have extremely narrow or wide shoulders.

The fur harness can be worn over anything, even bare shoulders, and you don't have to bother with pins to get the awesome fringe epaulet look.

The fringe shoulder piece is made to order: We will make and send your unique item within a week after the order is placed.

The human fur epaulets are handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details. 

Many thanks to Threnody in Velvet for the first pictures