Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Feathered harness with wing shoulders

When more is more this epic feather harness is what you're looking for.

Spectacular leather harness with huge wing-like shoulders that will make any outfit take to the sky. 

It has lots of beautiful black and iridescent green feathers, exploding demonically in every direction.

The size can be adjusted in the back with button studs through a metal ring.

There is also button studs in the front so it is easy to put on.

The standard size will fit most females and small males.

We can also make it to your particular size.

You can measure from the chest just above the armpit, behind the neck and to the same point in the other side.

Please write what you measure as a note in the order.

The harness can also be worn as a huge feather collar. You simply take it around the neck and gather the D rings. You can use one of the leather straps to close them or find your own way to keep them together.

The shoulder piece is made to order: We will make and send your unique item within a week after the order is placed.

It is handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details. 

Many thanks to @tommymartinphoto and @ionacunningham for the first and last pictures.