Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Fringe poncho wrap top / Black braided jersey fringe shrug / Multifunctional distressed cotton top / Strega shrug / Burning man top

Black poncho style with long shredded fringes, that can be arranged in many an awesome way.

The handmade fringe top is made of comfortable cotton jersey with 4% elastane, meticulously cut out and braided.

You can wear it loose as a poncho but it’s easy to get a tighter fit.

Just find two fringes from the back piece, at waist or underbust level, and tie them in the front. Then tie two similar fringes from the front piece in the back.

It can also be worn as an awesome fringe shrug. Just turn it and take two fringes in the front by the armpits and tie them in the back. Tie together the lowest fringes by the wrist in each side so it works as sleeves.

The standard size will fit on most woman and small men, but you can also contact me regarding measurements so I can adjust the size.

I can also make it in green.

The fringed wrap top is made to order, I will make and send your item within 3 days.