Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Steampunk black feather shrug, collar or peplum belt

So luxurious, so versatile. Dripping with beautiful black feathers, shimmering in shades of iridescent green.

Multifunctionality rocks, so I designed this feathered beauty to be used in 3 ways.

If you take the ribbons under the arms and tie in the back it makes an awesome shoulder wrap or feather shrug.

If you tie the ribbons in the front it is a feather collar or capelet.

It you tie it around the waist you have a sexy feather peplum belt or plumed bustle.

So you get three awesome feather accessories in one here.

I decorated it with pleated trim to add a touch of vintage magic. It extends further and makes interesting curly shapes that look so dramatic when you move.

Genuinely handcrafted by yours truly with high quality and attention to details.

It is made to order; I will make and send it within a week after the order is placed.