Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Strega body wrap shawl / Huge black fringe stole / Chunky braided jersey scarf / Cut out cotton fringe stole / Fringe body wrap shawl / Dystopian cowl / Dark mori body scarf

Length: 250 Centimeters; Width: 80 Centimeters

Very. Long. Seriously oversized black fabric body scarf with shredded fringes, that can be arranged in many an awesome way.

The handmade wrap shawl is made of comfortable, thick cotton jersey, meticulously cut out and braided in layers.

Along the chunky braid there are also thinner fringes that can be used to tie and arrange the fringe shawl in many ways. E.g. it can be wrapped around the body to look like a fringed mini dress.

If you prefer an infinity scarf you can just permanently tie the fringes at the ends.

The fringed shawl is made to order, I will make and send your item within 3 days.


It is handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details.