Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Feather wing headdress with lace veil / Black feather masquerade headdress / Wgt veiled headdress

Get noticed incognito with this unique and dramatic veiled headdress. The fierce feather masquerade headdress with wing-like structures makes any outfit lift off the ground.

It is build with lots of beautiful black rooster feathers, shimmering in shades of iridescent green. All feathers are thoroughly sewn in place. I never work with glue, I simply don't trust it.

A delicate black lace veil hangs loosely from the sturdy headband. So it’s a great style for those with long lashes, where a tight kind of lace mask is a nuisance.

It is remarkable how well you can see through the lace when it gets so close to the eyes. Ok I wouldn´t recommend it in the traffic but you can easily wear it at a party.

You also have the option of wearing it unveiled :) Simply fold the lace veil up and wear it under the headband.

In the back is an elastic strap that is adjustable so the headpiece has a secure fit on all sizes.

Please don't get hot things like a blow dryer too close to the headdress. It was sculpted with a thermoplastic material that will soften in temperatures above 90ºC.

The veil headdress is made to order, we will make and send the item within a week after you place the order.

It is handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details. 

Many thanks to Twisted Pix for the first and last pictures.

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