Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Black horn strega headdress / Vampire crown with hair and lace / Gothic art wig

They said the great god Pan is dead but I don't believe it. So I made this sinister beauty of a headpiece that combines synthetic black hair extensions with embroidered lace and pure awesomeness. The hair can be styled but please don't get hot things like straightening iron too close to the hornlike structures. They are shaped with a thermoplasic material that will soften in temperatures above 90ºC. The headdress is put on like a headband. In the back is an elastic strap that is adjustable so the headpiece has a secure fit on all sizes. The unique headpiece is made to order, we will make and send the item within a week after you place the order. Many thanks to Mareridt and photographer Cirkeline Coco for the awesome last pictures.

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