Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Black ram headdress / Horned goddess headdress with embroidered lace fringe and veil / WGT horn headdress

The doors to the underworld are open both day and night but a certain dress code is required. This spectacular ram horned headdress is fit for a modern shaman.

The lightweight faux ram horns are covered with shiny satin ribbons. It is decorated with a mix of floral lace and artificial flowers. A veil of chiffon fabric covers the back. The looong fringes are made of gorgeous embroidered lace. It also looks great if you take some of the lace fringe into the horns.

In the back is a sturdy recycled rubber strap that is adjustable with a buckle, so the headpiece has a secure fit on all sizes.

The headdress is made to order, we will make and send your unique item within a week.

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