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Black shredded sleeves with elastic body harness / Cut and braided jersey shrug

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This is a really versatile piece that you can get creative with and arrange in so many awesome ways.

It consist of two separate arm warmers or shredded sleeves made in a lovely soft and stretchy cotton jersey fabric.
At the top there are long elastic loops that you can use to wrap around neck, chest, shoulders, arms and under bust line.
There are also two loose strings on each sleeve that you can involve in the wrapping, so the possibilities are endless.

We will walk you through one way to wear it in the last picture, but that's just one. You'll have so much fun in front of the mirror finding your favorite style.

See the last picture for illustration

1: Take the long loop over your head.

2: Gather it and take it behind your back

3: Take your arm through the loop

Take the other sleeve on in the same way

Take the short strings and tie behind the neck like a halter

Take the long strings to the middle of your chest and trap the part of the loop that goes under the bust. Then take them behind your neck and tie like a halter

Order this in S,M or L or contact me about measurements.

The handmade arm warmers are made to order, we will make and send your unique item within 3 working days.

They are handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details. 


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