Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Gauze shawl wrap shrug / Sandy beige tea dyed cotton asymmetric half shrug stole / Oversized crepe head scarf / Hood cowl mori shawl / OOAK

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Very. Long. Seriously oversized wrap stole made from over 5 meters of a gorgeous 100% cotton gauze fabric with an interesting crepe texture. The fabric was dyed with tea to a lovely shade of sandy beige.

This is a really versatile piece that you can get creative with and arrange in many an awesome way.

In one end there is a sleeve that you can take on the left arm to get a secure starting point for the wrapping.

Then the super long fabric can be wrapped many times around head, neck and shoulders to create dramatically layered hoods, cowls, capelets or whatever you fancy.

I will send along some pins that are useful to secure your favorite styles.

The asymmetrical wrap shrug is one of a kind.

Collections: Custom work and ooak