Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Goat skull headdress / Cream white horned headpiece with vintage lace, beads and tassels / Pagan wedding crown / Burning man skull headpiece

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They said the great god Pan is dead but I don't believe it.

So I made this extraordinary beauty of a headpiece that combines a goat skull with vintage lace, beads and handmade tassels.

The OOAK masterpiece is decorated with vertebrae from a duck. A birds jaw point to the heavens from the regal top of the headdress.

Please don't get hot things like straightening iron too close to the headdress. It was shaped with a thermoplasic material that will soften in temperatures above 90ºC.

The headdress is put on like a headband. In the back is an elastic strap that is adjustable so the headpiece has a secure fit on all sizes.

The one of a kind headpiece is shaped and balanced to stay well on the head. For additional security there is an optional hair clip under the veil.

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