Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Rubber neck corset / Recycled rubber high collar

Neck circumference

Edgy statement collar that is also environmentally friendly.

The thick rubber was meticulously cut out in a pattern that adapts itself to the shape of your neck. It is very comfortable compared to a boned neck corset.
It is closed in the back with a button stud.

Select a size during check out or write your neck circumference as a note in the order.

The neck piece is made of upcycled tractor tire inner tubes. I love this rubber material. It is thick and sturdy with a bit of stretch and an interesting texture. The color is a greyish black.

The rubber collar is made to order, we will make and send your item within a week.

It is handmade at our workshop in Denmark with high quality materials and attention to details.