Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

Snug spats with buttons in army canvas. Ww2 woman’s uniform gaiters. Steampunk military spats. Wearable vintage neofolk tight gaiters.

Dashing vintage spatterdashes with an elegant tight fit and awesome buttons. These gorgeous snug gaiters were made 77 years ago, but they are still going strong.

The color is a very faded army green, almost khaki. The wonderful vintage spats are made of an incredibly strong quality canvas, so they are still in a wearable condition. But please be aware that the size is very small.

This is the measurements of the spats, so please make sure your own measurements are the same or smaller if you plan to wear them:

22 cm. around ankle.

33 cm. around calf, measured 18 cm. above the ankle.

You can wear them with heeled pumps. I don’t think they work with other types of footwear. They are great if you have a pair of pumps that are a bit too large, because the leather strap going under the foot, prevents the shoes from moving around. Also, they protect against mosquito bites in the ankle area, where it itches like crazy😀

WW2 British army nurses mosquito spats in good vintage condition. They are a size 4, which is quite small. The spats have a makers label for John Wear & Co with the war department arrow and the date is 1945.

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