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Spider earrings Antiqued brass dangle earrings

Awfully realistic spider earrings.

The total length is about 4 inches / 10 cm.
I can easily make them shorter, just write the preferred length as a note in the order.

The listing is for a pair. I will make and send them within 3 working days.



On average it is our experience that international shipping works impressively smooth and fast. But please allow a realistic timeframe if you need something for an event.

The default shipping takes 7-21 days to the US.
Express shipping takes 4-12 days to the US.

It's a bit faster in Europe.




  • Got it two days ahead of time an there some of the sturdiest long earrings I have. They clip easy an securely an I didn't even need to worry about it snagging on my clothes.
  • I LOVE these earrings! One thing the picture couldn't show is that the spiders move/wiggle ever so slightly at the end of their line, making them even more eye catching! <3 3="" span="">

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