Exquisite Dark Fashion - Handmade in Denmark

White day of the dead headdress with human skull and feathers / Ivory rooster feather headpiece with ostrich fringe / Ghost headdress / White halloween headdress / Alternative wedding crown / Angel of death headdress / Kali headband

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This handmade headdress oozes of ghostly drama. 

A miniature human skull and bone talon beads decorates the forehead.

The skull cap can be removed so you can use the cranium to keep your small stuff, spells and secrets. Indeed this is a very practical item ;)

It is build with lots of beautiful soft feathers in lovely shades of cream and off white.

The headpiece has long feather tassels made of ostrich fringe.

The sturdy headband is covered with fabric and vintage lace.

In the back is an elastic strap that is adjustable so the headpiece has a secure fit on all sizes.

Please don't get hot things like straightening iron too close to the headdress. It was sculpted with a thermoplastic material that will soften in temperatures above 90ºC.

It is made to order, we will make and send the item within a week after you place the order.


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